Public Welfare

During the long-term management practice, RONGAN puts forward the corporate culture of "six Thanksgiving" as the core, undertaking the social responsibility as the highest purpose. First, be thankful to the times, we are created by it, and we should take social responsibility in return; second, be thankful to customers, since customers are all the reasons for the existence of enterprise, we should take honors to provide quality products and service; thirdly, be thankful to cooperative enterprises, because every step forward cannot do without the cooperation of partners, we should offer a win-win cooperation; fourthly, be mutual thankful to both capital and labors, because both sides is a symbiotic relationship, employers should sincerely treat employees, while the staff should also work hard as well; fifth, be mutual thankful between employees, because personal success comes from the overall coordination, colleagues should be in good cooperation sincerely; sixth, be thankful to family, it is the warm and peaceful family that makes us work in focus, each employee should be responsible to it. In short, the culture of gratitude requires both enterprise and employees treat everything around with a sense of gratitude.

This thanksgiving culture has now become the motivity of developmenting enterprise to repay the community, the key factor to build a harmonious enterprise, as well as the core to form a strong cohesion and competitiveness. Since the day when RONGAN was born, we have contributed more than 18 million RMB to a variety of charitable and public donations.

Great Passion in Education
In 2002, we took overNingboMingzhouSchoolfrom Ningbo Charity Federation, and renamed it as "Ningbo RONGAN Experimental Middle School". In past 5 years, we input 120million RMB to upgrade the teaching facilities and equipment, hired well-known educators to improve quality of school education. RONGANExperimentalMiddle Schoolgot great change, and the number of students has increased 10 times when it becomes the first brand inNingboprivate schools.

Establish Educational Fund
RONGAN group invested about 1 million RMB to set up a number of student foundation inJiangxi,Guizhou,Ningboand other places, to help thousands of people realize the dream of education.

Establish Charity Fund
Working with the Ningbo Charity Federation, RONGAN Group donated 3 million RMB to set up a special fund to honor RONGAN, dominated by Charity, to help people living in difficulty.

Spontaneous Charity Behavior
On Dec 26, 2004, the tsunami happened inIndonesia, which caused great economic losses and humanitarian disasters to the local people. Three days later, RONGAN Group donated 0.2 million RMB to the Red Cross of Ningbo, being the first donation to the tsunami.

On May 12, 2008, 7.8 earthquake occurred inWenchuan,Sichuan. The early morning of May 13th, Rong Group donated 0.3 million RMB to the Ningbo Red Cross, becoming the first donation to the disaster area. Later, we contributed another 2 million RMB.

Contribute to various charitable organizations and charitable activities dozens of times.