Company Overview

Company basic information

Company legal Chinese name: 枯安地产股份有限公司 

Company legal English name: RONGAN PROPERTY CO., LTD. 
Company legal representative: Mr. Jiufang Wang

Company Secretary of the board of directors: Mr. John Hu

Securities affairs representative: Ms. Yin Wu

Address: 15th Floor, Tianfeng Mansion, No.513, Lingqiao Rd., Haishu district,Ningbo,Zhejiang

Tel: 0574-87178877 

Fax: 0574-87178877

Email: stock000517@163.com

Registered address: 14-12,TianfengMansion, No.513,Lingqiao Rd., Haishu district,Ningbo,Zhejiang

Office address: 11th, 15th, 16th Floor,TianfengMansion, No.513,Lingqiao Rd., Haishu district,Ningbo,Zhejiang

Postcode: 315010

The newspaper we work with: China Securities Journal & Security Times

The website where posts company annual report:

Preparation of annual report: Securities Affairs Division

Stock Exchange: Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Stock abbreviation: Rong’an estate_2139g.com

Stock Code: 000517

The company's registration date: May 19, 1989

Registered address: Zhuang Qiao, Ningci Road

Recent change of registration date: March 18, 2011

Registered address: No. 513 (14-12), Haishu District,Ningbo City,ZhejiangProvince

Enterprise legal business license registration number: 330200000013909

Tax registration number: Natioanl Tax No. 330204144068565,Ningbolocal Tax No. 330204144068565

Organization Code: 14406856-5