About us

RONGAN PROPERTY CO., LTD. was founded in 1965, who was the first listed company inNingbo, having first grade of qualification for national real estate development. We are the leader of real estate enterprises in the Delta of Yangtze River, known as "residential expert, mansion master", the perfect creator of the famous mansion "RONGAN Fu". In July 2005, we were named the ten leading enterprises in Zhejiang Province for real estate; in July 2010, we won “Best benefit enterprise” in Ningbo, and ran the top of “tax top 50”.

We adhere to the business philosophy of "strategic orientation, benefit from management, risk control, steady development", with the goal of "building a scientific management system, making excellent professional team, creating first-class brand", constantly enhance the fine management level at the same time, accelerate the speed of "product innovation, service innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation", finally realize the growing of the core competitiveness.

As the pioneer and leader among real estate enterprises in cross regional development in Delta of Yangtze River, RONGAN takes the boutique concept to where we go. As early as 2005, RONGAN’s "ShanghuCentralGarden”, developed in Changshu,Suzhou, won the prize of "Gold Award of High quality real estate", the market responded enthusiastically. Over the years, in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Taizhou and other places, RONGAN developed many noble, elegant, modern, heavy quality real estate and won many prizes of Habitat Environment Award, such as Happy Home, Masterpiece Garden, RONGAN Aristocratic Family, RONGAN Nirvana, City View, Water Glitters, Shanghu Central Garden, RONGAN Harmony, RONGAN Qin Bay, RONGAN Garden, RONGAN Fu, Rong’he Mansion, RONGAN Heart Home, RONGAN Butterfly Garden, Wang Jiang Nan, RONGAN Gorgeous Mansion, etc. Up to now, the total development area is about 6,000,000 square meters, more than 60 thousand customers live in.

RONGAN work constantly to return to society. We take the hornor of paying more tax. As the leading tax-payer inNingboevery year, we’ve been the top among “top 50 tax payer” many years.

We are dedicated to all kinds of charity activities, and every year we put in more than 5 million RMB to establish foundation with all levels of Charity Federation in central and western area, or some undevelopment area inZhejiang, to help those children who cannot go to school or anyone in trouble. 

We also do education. In 2002, we took overNingboMingzhouSchoolfrom Ningbo Charity Federation, and renamed it as "Ningbo RONGAN Experimental Middle School". We made it the most famous private school from a charity school of bankruptcy, with College entrance examination on-line rate reached more than 90%! Though we’ve invested more than 10 billion RMB, we feel proud when we widely praised by the community. From 2007, every year RONGAN sponsored and hosted "RONGAN Children's Art Exhibition", concerning about the quality of youth education; we also hosted Ningbo Chess League, supporting the development of mass sports; in 2008, RONGAN was the first enterprise who donated more than 2,300,000RMB to Wenchuan when the earthquake happened. Our efforts got great affirmation from the Zhejiang Red Cross,Ningbocharity, and RONGAN awarded the "special contribution to earthquake relief ", "5.12 Wenchuan earthquake relief donation charity contribution award". In recent years, RONGAN increased the active participation in public welfare and social responsibility, made effort to become an important member of Glorious Career Association inZhejiangprovince. We donated many times to underdeveloped regions, such as the arid of the Southwest,Gansu, Quzhou, Lishui and others. In March 2012, RONGAN Group and Charity Federation of Haishu District renewed the agreement of "RONGAN charity fund", while the fund reached 6 million RMB. Up to now, we have donated more than 20 million RMB, and invested 120 million RMB in public welfare undertakings. Our Chairman, Mr. Jiufang Wang, is named the excellent Builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Star of Glorious Career inZhejiangprovince, the outstanding Entrepreneurs of Ningbo Glorious Career, the Star of Charity, the Ambassador of Love. He also got many Awards of Charity both inNingboand Haishu.

For the future, in the great journey of realizing Chinese Dream, RONGAN will firmly do the real estate better and stronger, create first-class product & brand in the increasingly fierce competition of market, let employees share the joy, let customers feel value, let city improve quality, let the community full of harmony, and let us become the most respected company. It is our RONGAN dream!