Chaiman Addresses

澳门太阳集团2007登录We are on the right way.   

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This is an age of creation.

Some people think the character determines destiny. Some think the habit becomes destiny. Also some others think the concept decides destiny! Some people think detail determines success. Some people believe the relationship does. Others believe the strategy matters!

I believe the corporate culture determines the fate of enterprises! Our RONGAN’s culture is embodied in all aspects of the public affairs.

RONGAN is a harmonious home of etiquette. The harmony comes from the "Thanksgiving tradition" lasts for many years. From the date of birth, RONGAN has been dedicated to creating the culture with gratitude as the core, every time to be grateful, every thing in return. Thanksgiving becomes lubricant for the harmonious relationship between enterprises. In the influence of this feeling, we are thankful to society, to customers, to partners, to all the old and new friends concerning and supporting us, including you who just walk in our big family!

Rong’an is a great massager who believes in the whole world as one community, who has always been dedicated to create the value of the city & social benefits, paying attention to the profits of all relevant groups. Rong’an takes the lead in the country to issue a commitment to social responsibility, while other developers are still thinking about how to deal with proprietors. We believe you are one of the thousands of the respondents!

Rong’an is an aircraft carrier of real estate, leaving a clear route from ordinary enterprise to listed company. In fact, RONGAN's success comes from our pursuit of a win-win strategy. If you are our partners, our monument will be engraved with your name. If you do not work with RONGAN at the moment, we still believe you are special. Meet is fate, either in the virtual space or in the reality of the world.

RONGAN is a Confucian cultural ceremony, believing in "if you want others to be kindhearted & tolerant, you should be so first; Do as you would be done by others",

"respect parents and elders, respect people work in same group, respect all in same country", emphasis on" people-oriented, character first "…Culture should be carried on, as well as be developed. It needs new ideas to enrich its connotation. Therefore, we wait for your new chapter of literarily.

Rong’an is lucky, since we are in the age of traditional culture and the modern concepts, in a time of real world and virtual space. The tide of economic globalization brings us to a new & unprecedented field; network technology provides us with fast and efficient "power". I have not met you, but we are in same cultural history, all this makes me excited to refine RONGAN’s enterprise culture with my whole life.

The famous prime minister in Song Dynasty said "half of The Analects of Confucius ruled the world". I think, our culture survived all odds will lead our enterprises to a new peak of history!

Chairman Mr. Jiufang Wang